The Baby Lodge TV And Furniture Wall Anchor – Anti Tip Safety Straps For Childproofing Flat Screen TV, Bedroom, Dressers, Cabinets, Wardrobe, Bookcase, and More – No Plastic Parts (2 Pack)

  • Secure your TV to wall, TV to furniture, or furniture to wall to prevent frequent but totally avoidable tip over accidents
  • Protect your TV and other appliances from being knocked over by cats and dogs
  • High quality metal plates and metal cam buckle with heavy duty nylon webbing. No plastic parts involved.
  • Pack of 2
  • Easy installation with instructions included in the packaging. More detailed PDF and video instructions are sent out to buyers’ email
  • Backed by 731 days money-back guarantee by The Baby Lodge.

TVs have become a necessity in every home, and we’ve seen their evolution from the fat, bulky, and expensive to the slim, light, affordable appliance today. The HUGE screen has been a source of enjoyment for many families in the world.

The modern design is perfect for mounting onto a bracket on the wall, but what if you want to place it on a TV stand instead, for whatever reasons? This is especially true for rented apartments where drilling holes into the wall is generally not permitted…

Suddenly, your television set becomes a source of hazard in the house, especially if you have small children and pets in the house…

If that’s your situation, you’ll love The Baby Lodge TV Anti-Tip Straps!

Our straps are made of industry standard metal and high quality nylon webbing to ensure sufficient protection for your little one who’s adventurous by nature.

We’ve included a very comprehensive screws that fits most of the VESA mounting holes at the back of your TV.

You’ll have 2 options anchoring your TV; by securing it to the wall, or by securing it to the furniture / TV stand that holds the television. You’ll want to make sure that the TV stand is stable, if you’re opting for the latter option.

Use it on furniture such as your dresser, bookcases, cabinets, etc. that’s free standing as they pose great tip over risks too.

Anchoring the furniture to the wall is very easy, thanks to our clearly laid out instructions.

You’ll want to attach the straps differently for tall and short furniture, and ALWAYS ensure you’re using a MINIMUM of 2 straps per piece of furniture.

Take note of the position of the anchor of the wall as per our guideline, for the maximum protection.

See Our Product In Action!

Included In the Set:

2 sets of:

  • 1 long strap (~32″)
  • 1 short strap (~2″)
  • 2 x 1″ wall screws
  • 1 x 21/2″ furniture screw
  • 2 x M8 (8mm x 16mm, 8mm x 24mm)
  • 1 x M6 (6mm x 16mm)
  • 1 x M5 (5mm x 15mm)
  • 2 x M4 (4mm x 15mm)
  • 2 washers (4mm)

Additional Tools Needed (NOT included in the package):

  • Drill
  • Philips screwdriver
  • stud finder
  • measuring tape / ruler
  • pencil

Maximum Strap Length: 34″

Item Quantity: 2 straps

Manufacturer: The Baby Lodge

Please refer to the detailed manual for the correct installation. This product is not a substitute for adult supervision. Never let children play with, or climb on TV or furniture.

Use a MINIMUM of 2 straps per furniture or appliance.

Video 1: Securing TV To Wall (with proper strap assembly illustration)

Video 2: Securing TV To Furniture / TV Stand

Video 3: Anchoring Furniture To Wall

What customers are saying…

Love this! I was expecting the rather flimsy IKEA and Walmart style straps that can’t hold much pressure. These are like super 1 inch across and think black heavy duty wall anchors that were easy to install to the game room tv that the kids have pulled over twice prior to installing these – luckily we were there each time to catch it and protect the kids.

I have a lot less worry now of them getting hurt. The only way to knock the tv over with these strapped is to pull the bottom out which is harder and would still land on the table not the kids.

Miss Jena

This is great! I really needed this. My tv is on my dresser next to my bedroom door and my children at times step a little too hard and you can see that my tv would rock like it was going to tip over. Not anymore!

These straps are awesome and very easy to install. We did need to use tools to install this, mostly a drill. They keep my tv secure and sturdy and I don’t have to worry about it tipping over or yelling at my kids to not step so hard near my bedroom. I def recommend this to anyone who needs to secure their tv!


These things are awesome and so easy to install!

We recently purchased a 55″ tv, but we have a small kitten who enjoys tormenting our Corgie into chasing her. Well..after one night of her being chased directly into the entertainment center, and the tv wobbling on the verge of death, we realized we had to do some kitten proofing.

The straps are very durable, and the tv is perfectly contained now.

It took maybe 10 minutes from start to finish to install, we just picked out the screws that fit in my tv, and lined up a spot on the wall behind it where we wanted to anchor it.

The kitten has even managed to get up behind the tv…unplug the chrome cast…eat the end of the chrome cast power cable, and the tv still has not fallen. (I do however need a new chrome cast).


We have little ones and I’m so afraid out TV will fall on them. They are boys and they behave as boys. I try to supervise them, but they are active little people. This wall anchor works well to keep our tv secure and decrease anxiety for this mama of 3.

My husband mounted last night and didn’t seem to have any issues. Comes with a set of screws and bolts included in package.

This is what we needed in our home and actually probably need more!


These are fantastic! They were very easy to install. I have peace of mind knowing the my tv is now secure and is not going to fall on my children. The package arrived with all of the screws needed to install to a wall or furniture. The straps seem to be great quality. I would recommend.

Allison K.

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