Multi-Purpose Child Safety Cabinet Locks – The Ultimate Childproofing System, No Tools Required

  • The strongest hold in the market due to the large surface area and top-quality 3M adhesives.
  • Comes in 2 attractive colors (baby blue and white) to suit your preference and home decor.
  • Pack of 6
  • Straps are flexible and adjustable so you can install it anywhere, except heated surfaces.
  • Baby proof your home in just 2 simple steps. Detailed PDF and video instructions are provided.
  • Backed by 731 days money-back guarantee by The Baby Lodge.

Are you constantly worried about your curious toddler(s) and glancing at him/her every other minute while you’re busy with tasks? We know exactly how you feel…and this is just the product for you! You can now instantly childproof your home to prevent the little ones from accessing the household chemicals, medicine, sharp objects and all sorts of cabinets/drawers and household appliances.

These locks are designed to be easy to install (3M adhesive foam tapes are used so no tools required!) and versatile in their applications. We’ve designed it to be triple-action lock release to keep the smartest of babies off limits, but easy enough for adults to lock and unlock.

PLUS, if you have more questions regarding how to use the locks, basic instructions are on the back of our packaging, and we also provide you with a detailed instructional ebook guiding you step-by-step, with FAQs.

See Our Product In Action!

Product Dimensions: 8.7 x 0.6 x 2.4 inches

Strap Length (before adjustment): 5.5 inches

Lock Size: 2.4 x 1.6 inches

Product Weight: 1.4 ounces

Color Available: baby blue and white

Item Quantity: 6 safety locks per set

Manufacturer: The Baby Lodge

This product is not a toy, and not a substitute for adult supervision. Do not use on oily and heated surface, such as uninsulated oven. Do not use when lock and/or adhesive is damaged. Let the adhesives set for 24 hours before first usage. The product is BPA-free.

Question: What is the maximum strap length?
Answer: 5.5 inches

Question: Are the straps adjustable?
Answer: Yes they are. Before installation, cut off the excess and secure it. This is shown in the 1st video under ‘Video Tutorials’. Please note that the adjustment can only be done once, as they’re designed to be secured at one place until their eventual removal.

Question: Should I use them immediately out of the packaging?
Answer: We highly highly recommend that you let the adhesives set for at least 24 hours before the first usage. This ensures that they set properly with maximum effectiveness, so that they do not fall off prematurely in the future.

Question: Are the adhesives from 3M?
Answer: Yes.

Question: How do you remove them?
Answer: Simply use a hairdryer to heat the adhesives for a few minutes to loosen them up, and peel the locks off using a blunt object. You can watch how it’s done in the 3rd video under ‘Video Tutorials’

Question: Is this going to peel off the paint on the cabinets or leave visible damage?
Answer: They will not, as long as you ensure that you heat up the adhesives until they loosen sufficiently, and avoid using sharp objects to pry them open.

Question: How many locks are there in a pack?
Answer: 6.

Question: Are they reusable?
Answer: No. They’re designed to be single-use, to stay in one place until you no longer need them.

Question: Can these keep the toilet seat from being opened by a toddler?
Answer: These baby safety locks are very versatile. They can be used anywhere with a smooth and flat surface. Think cabinets, dresser, refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, microwave, trash bin, etc. Just ensure that the surface is non-heated. For toilet seat, we recommend you place it on the side less exposed to water.

Question: Can these be temporary removed, since I only have toddlers visiting once in a while?
Answer: Definitely. The strap can be removed, leaving both only both ends of the safety lock. Just pop the strap back in when a toddler grace your home. We have a photo in the gallery that shows just that.

Question: How do we reach out in case there’s an issue with the product?
Answer: By using the contact form on the ‘Contact‘ page, emailing us at, using the Amazon messaging service if you’ve made the purchase through Amazon, messaging us on our Facebook page, tweeting to our Twitter account, or by calling us.

Question: What is the refund policy?
Answer: 731 days money-back guarantee.

Video 1: How To Adjust The Strap Length To Suit Your Needs

Video 2: Time To Install The Lock!

Video 3: Removing The Locks CLEANLY Without Damaging Your Furniture!

What customers are saying…

These have withstood the ultimate test — my almost 2 year old son! He is into absolutely everything and these have been a lifesaver. I was concerned that it would be difficult and inconvenient for me to get into the cabinets (mommy-proof!) but these are pretty simple to work once you get the hang of them. Hopefully my son won’t figure it out for a loooong time.

Also, the seller was beyond helpful, offering endless tips for installation and even parenting tips! I will definitely consider purchasing again.


Love love these, I mean LOVE! These locks are amazing. They are super cute, the light blue on white is just too cute. They are also very easy to install on anything really. All you do is take off the white sticky part and place it where ever you’d like and do the same with the other side. You’ll be done in less than a minute. I use these for my dresser, since my 11 month old loves to open things. Now she can’t open things and smash her fingers. Also its very easy for an adult to open, unlike other locks were you the adult struggles to unlock things. I will definitely be buying more soon:)


We’re quite pleased with this set of 6 cabinet locks. They are significantly better than some we had tried previously. These are much more sturdy, and much easier to use. They are baby-proof without being adult-proof!

Also, The Baby Lodge provides excellent instructions:)


As expected. 16 month old hasn’t figured it out yet and she keeps trying but it is holding up! ?


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