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These baby locks are fantastic! They take just a few minutes to install and they DO NOT BUDGE one bit! I previously had a similar system on there and they were pretty bad. My kids busted it off right away but with this they can not get these doors open! Yay! I can't wait to put the rest all around my house. Best child safety locks I've had so far!


I can finally open a cabinet with one hand while holding my baby. Would give this a 10!


I installed these locks on my refrigerator, oven, deep freezer, and toilet. They are very effective! My two year old has no idea why he can't open these things anymore. I feel a lot safer with these locks installed. They were very simple to attach and they hold tight! I also did a little test to see if it would leave any marks on the appliances I attached them to. I'm happy to say that there were no marks or sticky residue after removing.