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Introducing our flagship product, The Baby Lodge Child Safety Cabinet Locks!

Are you constantly worried about your curious toddler(s) and glancing at him/her every other minute while you’re busy with tasks? We know exactly how you feel…and this is just the product for you! You can now instantly childproof your home to prevent the little ones from accessing the household chemicals, medicine, sharp objects and all sorts of cabinets/drawers and household appliances.

These locks are designed to be easy to install (3M adhesive foam tapes are used so no tools required!) and versatile in their applications. We’ve designed it to be triple-action lock release to keep the smartest of babies off limits, but easy enough for adults to lock and unlock.

PLUS, if you have more questions regarding how to use the locks, basic instructions are on the back of our packaging, and we also provide you with a detailed instructional ebook guiding you step-by-step, with FAQs.

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What people are saying about us…

These baby locks are fantastic! They take just a few minutes to install and they DO NOT BUDGE one bit! I previously had a similar system on there and they were pretty bad. My kids busted it off right away but with this they can not get these doors open! Yay! I can’t wait to put the rest all around my house. Best child safety locks I’ve had so far!


… I can finally open a cabinet with one hand while holding my baby. Would give this a 10!


I installed these locks on my refrigerator, oven, deep freezer, and toilet. They are very effective! My two year old has no idea why he can’t open these things anymore. I feel a lot safer with these locks installed. They were very simple to attach and they hold tight! I also did a little test to see if it would leave any marks on the appliances I attached them to. I’m happy to say that there were no marks or sticky residue after removing.


WE found these very easy to install and my little houdinni couldn’t figure out how to unlock them like she has with other latches.


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